Written by Marissa Strang | January 31st, 2022

Partnership Announcement: Black & Brown Coffee House to Lead 2022 Spirit of Service Competition

Logo of the Youth Leadership Foundation in the left and Logo of Black & Brown Coffee House in the right

Black & Brown Coffee House strives to make the world a better place through coffee and uplifting others - and hands-on initiatives with our local community is an important aspect of this mission. That's why we're partnering with the Youth Leadership Foundation, a leading Washington, DC non-profit organization that provides mentorship and extracurricular programming for students, to lead their 2022 Spirit of Service Challenge.

The Spirit of Service Challenge is a month-long mentorship and entrepreneurship program that provides an opportunity for both organizations to expose students to lessons about marketing, labor, production, and other vital aspects of business development. During the program, students will gain the business acumen to develop their own business plans and solve issues surrounding the start-up of any business enterprise. 

“As an organization whose founders also come from humble beginnings, we are excited to be able to create programs that will help District youth reach their full potential,” said Karel Leon, founder of Black & Brown Coffee House. “We’ve seen firsthand how being equipped with the right tools and mentorship can change the trajectory of someone’s life towards a better future.”

The Youth Leadership Foundation and Black & Brown Coffee House seek to provide a long-term foundation to support District-area students and promote the development of young future leaders. In doing this, they hope to spark change by empowering underserved communities to rise to success through education.

"The Youth Leadership Foundation is thrilled with the leadership of Black & Brown Coffee House, and its passion for providing students with lessons on business development,” said Janaiha Bennett, Executive Director of the Youth Leadership Foundation. “We hope that together we can strengthen students’ desire and capacity to develop ethical businesses that serve communities so they can become beacons of hope within our Nation’s Capital.”

The Spirit of Service Challenge will run from July 5 through July 29, with the judging to take place on July 26.

Key highlights of the partnership:
- In keeping with its community focus, Black & Brown Coffee House donates 5 percent of its sales to underserved communities in the United States.
- From this community fund, a portion will be donated to the Youth Leadership Foundation. Customers ordering Colombian single-origin coffee from Black & Brown Coffee House will be presented with an option to donate to the Youth Leadership Foundation at point of sale.
- At the sixth annual Spirit of Service Challenge held by the Youth Leadership Foundation, Black & Brown Coffee House will provide workshops and presentations on production, labor, and marketing to youth leaders.

Through this partnership, we're fostering success within the next generation of leaders. If you or someone you know would like to explore programs for your child through the Youth Leadership Foundation, find applications and information here.