Black & Brown Coffee House is a minority-owned company that is changing the face of what coffee looks like. We put love, inclusion, equality, and health at the forefront of our products. From the ground up, our business salutes the farmers, freight handlers, faithful roasters, and friendly baristas who bring you your morning coffee. Our single-origin pure Colombian Coffee blends are created with a commitment to serving only the freshest products - while simultaneously caring for our environment and uplifting our community.

Founders Javier (left) and Karel (right)


Our founders, Javier Llano and Karel Leon, founded Black & Brown Coffee House after noticing a lack of coffee options that prioritize health, sustainability, and fair treatment of Black and Brown farmers who work each day to produce coffee. Together, they sought to build a business to help reverse poverty and economic injustice one cup of coffee at a time. In keeping with their focus of creating a better world through coffee, Black & Brown Coffee House donates 5% of their sales to organizations that uplift those in need.


Handpicking coffee cherries


Black & Brown Coffee House believes that coffee doesn't just have to taste good - it should feel good too. Many modern coffee harvesting and roasting techniques leave out the most important thing: the health benefits! Our coffee is hand-picked, sun-dried, and masterfully roasted to ensure that the antioxidants are fully developed and the blends maintain their natural health properties.


We are love, and that includes loving our planet too. In our commitment to caring for Mother Earth, we hold ourselves and our partners accountable for how our decisions affect the environment. 

Two hands with compost made of coffee
Flag of 5% for the kids


We believe in being a part of change - creating a climate where everyone has the opportunity to thrive no matter their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or any other characteristic. That's why 5% of our sales are donated to organizations that uplift underserved communities in the United States of America.


While many large commodity coffee roasters are still paying their farmers less than $0.01 per cup, Black & Brown Coffee House insists on fair-trade rates and wages for the farmers, freight handlers, and producers in Medellin.

True respect is built into our company from the start. We avoid middle-man markups that dilute value for Black and Brown people who work tirelessly each day to harvest and roast delicious and pure coffee.

Farmer Gabriel picking the ripest coffee cherries

A Message From Our Farmers