Our Coffee Tastes Good and Does Good

Black & Brown Coffee House is a unique coffee roaster that cares about our environment, our community, and our people. Aside from serving bold and unique specialty coffee, we strive to make a difference in the world.


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Did you know that today's coffee monopolies pay farmers less than $0.01 (yes, that’s less than one red cent!) per cup of coffee?

That means that many coffee farmers are making the same wages today as they did in 1976 for their hard work and precious coffee beans. 

For years, Black and Brown communities have faced forms of racial, socioeconomic, or cultural oppression. We think Black and Brown communities and workers should be respected, and fairly compensated, not exploited. From the ground up, our business salutes the farmers, freight handlers, faithful roasters and friendly baristas and countless other Black and Brown people who bring you your morning coffee. That means we insist on fair-trade rates and wages. Unlike major incumbent brands that boast of “fair trade” and voice support for racial justice — but still pay farmers only pennies on the dollar. True respect is built into our company from the start. We avoid middle-man markups that dilute value for Black and Brown people.  

Selected to Lead the 2022 Spirit of Service Challenge, Youth Leadership Foundation and Black & Brown Coffee House


Our coffee tastes good AND does good. We believe in being a part of change, creating an environment where all people have the opportunity to thrive. Sip confidently knowing that 5% of our sales are donated to organizations that uplift disenfranchised/underserved communities in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Why Our Environment Matters

How we take care of the environment is important. Here are just a couple of ways that Black & Brown Coffee House focuses on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to take care of our Earth.

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    Roasted at the Source

    Many coffee companies ship what's calledgreen coffee-raw, unroasted coffee beans. Because we roast at the source in Colombia, our coffee shipments are much lighter. This helps us slash emissions by 17%. 

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    Shipped in 3 Days

    While many large coffee companies transport their products by cargo ship on a 41-day boat ride, we transport ours directly by plane in 3 days. Why? Because shipping by air creates five times less pollution than shipping by sea. This is one of the innovative ways we strive to take care of our planet.

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    Partners Who Care

    We hand select the partners we work with to ensure that they are also in alignment with our values when it comes to the environment. Our shipping partners are carbon neutral, our coffee box suppliers use 100% compostable and recyclable materials, and our tee shirt developers use organic and recyclable materials.

Why Our Healthier Coffee Matters

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Coffee is a beverage that's woven into the very fabric of our society. From our morning "pick me up" to social hours with friends, it's one of the most consumed beverages each day. That's why it's important for us to serve you the healthiest coffee in each cup.

• Each morning, our farmers inspect each individual coffee cherry to see which ones are ripe and red to pick by hand. Many commodity coffee roasters automate this process, picking green and yellow cherries that are not ready for consumption. Our ripe cherries have fully developed their antioxidants and are healthier.

• While black coffee itself is only a handful of calories, adding milk, sugar, and other additives can skyrocket its calorie count. Because our coffee is ripe and sun-dried, it becomes naturally sweet and is best served black without tummy-turning additives. 

• We masterfully roast our coffee to perfection to ensure the beans retain their full health value and antioxidants.

See how our farmers meticulously pick our coffee cherries, ensuring freshness 👇

Why Black Coffee Matters: Healthier Coffee through Farming