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House Blend

$19.79 - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!
The Black and Brown Coffee House signature House Blend is our traditional rendition of a classic Colombian roast. This flavorful brew is medium-bodied showcasing mild citrusy notes and a bright finish.

Amigos Tee
$24.99 - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!
Whether it's catching up with a group of close friends or at the breakfast table with family, our Amigos Tee is a bright reminder of how coffee brings friends together.
Bridges, Not Walls Cap
$16.50 - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!
"Build Bridges, Not Walls" is an inspiring call to continue pushing toward a reality where spreading love and uplifting each other are at the forefront of everything.

Rosa's Blend
$20.89 - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!
Named after Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks, this blend offers a beautifully balanced blend of tangerines and cacao. Vibrant and sweet.
Breakfast Blend
$19.79 - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!
Kickstart your day with a rich and full-bodied, yet smooth, dark roast with subtle notes of berries and a nutty undertone.