NEWSLETTER: Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea: Colombian Coffee!

The holidays are creeping closer and closer! Kickstart your gift shopping with our single-origin Colombian coffee boxes. ☕ Whether you’re picking out a gift for a true coffee geek or someone who just needs a great cup of Joe, we’ve got the best brews to show them you care. 🎁

📅 Place Your Order by December 17th to receive by Christmas Day! 📦


Not Just Coffee, But a Cause

Black & Brown Coffee House Cares about our environment, our community, and our people. Aside from serving bold and unique specialty coffee, we strive to make a difference.


Community Outreach:
Sip confidently knowing that 5% of our sales are donated to organizations that uplift disenfranchised/underserved communities in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.



Sun-drying our coffee beans, delivering the freshest products, and hand-picking the ripest coffee cherries are just a few ways we serve up healthier, naturally-sweet coffee that doesn't need tummy-turning additives like sugar or milk.


By roasting at the source in Colombia and making intentional choices in our supply chain, we've slashed our greenhouse gas emissions and use shipping methods that create 5x less pollution than typical commodity coffee roasters.


Sharing a gift of love has never been easier with our packaging. Each bag of BBCH coffee comes inside of a special gift box. 🎁


Our Coffee Selections:

King’s Blend - Medium Roast, exceptionally sweet notes of honey and dark chocolate

Espresso Blend - Dark Roast, full-bodied, deep flavors of cacao with a velvety finish

House Blend - Medium Roast with mild citrusy notes and a bright finish

House Blend - Medium Roast with mild citrusy notes and a bright finish

Breakfast Blend - Dark Roast, Full-bodied, notes of berries and a nutty undertone


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