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GOAT STORY GINA (Smart) Coffee Brewing Instrument (Black) for Dexter

GINA is a one of a kind coffee maker with the option to brew your coffee in 3 different ways and an integrated scale to reach your perfect coffee flavors right from the comfort of your home.

Gina can brew your coffee in three different ways: with pour-over, immersion, and cold drip. Also perfect for making tea.

Download the full tech specs for GINA Basic LINK

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    Brewing coffee in a Gina Smart White in a desktop next to a laptop

    A built-in smart scale for GINA Smart.

    Knowing the exact ratio between coffee and water is crucial when you’re looking to reach that perfect coffee flavor.

    While you need an extra scale with any other coffee tool out there, GINA Smart already has one built in it. It’s hidden right there in the base. All data is instantly trackable in GINA Smart APP that’s connected to the scale via Bluetooth.

    Using the Smart Scale for GINA Smart with the mobile app and your exotic coffee
    Using the GINA APP to master the art of brewing and to fall even more in love with coffee

    GINA App

    GINA APP is your barista coach guiding you to master the art of brewing and to fall even more in love with coffee!​

    - One screen is for your scale + time tracking.
    - A user-friendly step-by-step brewing guide.
    - A platform with thousands of coffee lovers around the globe, sharing their knowledge of brewing every type of coffee.
    - GINA App is available only for GINA Smart and not for GINA Basic.

    Precision valve

    GINA has a unique feature: a precision valve that enables absolutely perfect control over the water flow, to the drop!

    Precision Valve from the Goat Story Gina